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Baguio Public Advisory for 2021

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UPDATED ENTRY PROTOCOLS FOR TRAVELERS TO BAGUIO CITY EFFECTIVE MARCH 2, 2021Pursuant to IATF-EID Resolution 101-2021, Mayor Benjamin Magalong issued Executive Order No. 29 series of 2021 updating travel protocols for those entering the city.Highlights:☝Testing and travel authority (COVID Shield) are NO longer required;☝Requirement to undergo triage remains (Triage 1 is located at checkpoints; Triage 2 is at the Central Triage Unit at the Baguio Convention Center). Travelers who are symptomatic at triage shall undergo RT-PCR testing and will be quarantined pending results;NOTE: Workers and persons found to exhibit respiratory illness at the Triage 1 Checkpoint will be referred to Triage 2 (Baguio Convention Center) to undergo X-ray procedure and pay P180.☝Mandatory quarantine is NOT required except for symptomatic travelers;☝Registration to the city’s registration portals is still required ( for tourism and personal/leisure travels and for returning Baguio residents and other traveler classifications;☝Strict compliance to minimum public health standards is required;☝IMPORTANT!!! THESE GUIDELINES ONLY COVER ENTRY TO BAGUIO CITY. OTHER LGUS HAVE THEIR OWN PROTOCOLS. OUTBOUND TRAVELERS MUST TAKE THE INITIATIVE TO KNOW AND COMPLY WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF THEIR PLACES OF DESTINATION BEFORE PROCEEDING.Traveler classifications and specific requirements:🚩 Non-Resident APORs on Official Travel a. Government Sector – Travel order from work/office; Employment ID; Registration at; Triage 2b. Private Sector – Travel order from work/office; Valid gov’t issued ID; Proof of employment or business/employment ID or work-related documents; Registration at; Triage 2*If health workers, proceed to Triage 1.🚩 Government and Private APORs who currently reside or work in Baguio and traveling daily or weekly through city borders on home-to-work and vice versa route – If no valid Gov’t ID present Certificate issued by the Barangay or residence as proof of employment and current address; Employment ID; Registration at; Triage 1🚩 Non-APOR residents returning to Baguio from personal, leisure, or non-work-related travels in other localities – Valid Gov’t ID or Barangay Certificate of Residence; Registration at; Triage 1🚩 Returning Baguio Resident — Valid Gov’t ID or Barangay Certificate as proof of residence; Registration at; Triage 2🚩 Returning OFWs & returning overseas Filipinos – Valid Gov’t ID; Valid Passport, travel documents or ACR I-Card; Medical Clearance issued by Bureau of Quarantine at the airport, OWWA/POEA documents or Seaman’s Book, Proof of residence in Baguio; test conducted upon arrival in the Philippines; Registration at🚩 Medical Purposea. Non-emergency – Valid Gov’t ID; proof of confirmed medical appointment; Registration at Medical Emergency – no requirements, go directly to the medical facility🚩 Drop and Go travelers – Valid Gov’t ID and registration at; Triage 1🚩 Passing through – Valid Gov’t ID and registration at; Triage 1🚩Non-residents going to the city for personal/leisure or non-work related purposes – Valid Gov’t ID; register at and proceed to Triage 2🚩 Tourists – Registration at –PIO Baguio